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150913 Dash!!

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A Revengeful Raid AKA Jirocho to Kotengu Nagurikomi Koshujii

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In this tale of bravery and honor among the roving gamblers of old Japan, the heroic Jirocho, Boss of the Tokaido is called upon to help a young yakuza named Eijiro after he runs afoul of the new samurai officials who...

Aibou Season 2

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The Special Mission Task Team is not considered as important as it might sound. It's positioned in the lowest section of the Metropolitan Police Department and headed by Ukyo Sugishita. Together with his partner, Ka...

All Round Appraiser Q The Eyes of Mona Lisa

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Riko Rinda (Haruka Ayase) is an appraiser with her own store "All-Around Appraiser Q". She is hired as a temporary employee by The Louvre for a Mona Lisa exhibition to be held in Japan. Yuto Ogasawara (Tori Matsuzaka)...

April Story

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Following up on the phenomenal success of his Love Letter and Swallowtail Butterfly, Shunji Iwai spins this sweet tale about a young lass' first steps in the bustle of the big city. Uzuki Nireno (Takako Matsu) is l...

Attack on Titan

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100 years ago, titans suddenly appeared on Earth. Soon, human civilization veered on collapse due to the titans. Humans then built a giant wall to defend themselves. Within the giant walls, humans lived in peace, but,...


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The story takes place in a police academy boarding school. Under 24 hour surveillance for 10 months, and having to follow the rules of the school: “absolute obedience,” “no cell phones,” and “no romance.” Enduring the...

Boizu On Za Ran

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Toshiyuki Tanishi (Kazunobu Mineta) is a young man works for a small company selling toys for vending machines. One day he meets an old friend who has now become a boxer. He becomes inspired by this meeting and decide...

Buzzer Beat

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“Love makes people strong”... This is a love story of a timid basketball player and a strong-willed violinist reaching for their dreams. Naoki had had an impressive basketball career in his college days. Yet, his weak...

Cleopatra na Onnatachi

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Kishi Minetaro is a skilled and serious-minded plastic surgeon. He looks down on doctors earning money through cosmetic surgeries as well as on women asking for such medical procedures. However, having to repay his fa...

Dakara Koya

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Morimura Tomomi is a housewife scorned by her husband and two sons, and yet she continues to protect the family. On her 46th birthday, she leaves home in disgust and embarks on a 1,200 km journey. It is Tomomi's first...

Dengeki Sentai Changema

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After conquering hundreds of planets, the Great Star League Gozma sets its sights onto Earth. To defend the world in such a great crisis, the Japanese military forms a special branch known as the Earth Defense Force, ...

Don Quixote

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In this unusual story, Matsuda plays a child welfare official working at a child consultation center, while Takahashi Katsumi (50) plays a charitable yakuza boss. These two lead completely different lives, but one day...

Eko Eko Azarak III: Misa the Dark Angel

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Misa Kuroi is a good witch, but wherever she goes, evil follows. When a dying girl appears out of nowhere shouting Misa's name, our heroine goes to work. Following the clues, Misa transfers to the prestigious Saint Sa...

First Love Of Okon AKA Okon no Hatsukoi Hanayome Nanahenge

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It's an extravaganza of song and dance when everybody's favorite, Misora Hibari, stars in this highly entertaining samurai tale from noted filmmaker Watanabe Kunio who directed "Chusingura-The Daiei Version" the very ...

Fukai Kawa Deep River

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Several Japanese men and women who have different reasons and aims for going to India on a tour of Buddhist holy sites. All the characters are in deep personal need, and they hunger and thirst for the meaning of life....

Gal Basara

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The story is about a group of high school students who suddenly get sucked in by a time hole while watching a Sengoku show together. After the time slip they find themselves right in the midst of a severe battle that ...

Gips 2001

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 Kazuko bumps into Tamaki on the way back from work. Tamaki is crawling along the sidewalk on crutches, having trouble with an ill-fitting shoe over her cast. After helping her back to her feet, Kazuko follows Tamaki ...

Gomen ne Seishun

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Heisuke Hara (Ryo Nishikido) works as a teacher at an all boys high school in Shizuoka Prefecture. 15 years ago he had an unfortunate accident which made his life go crazy. He has since become obsessed with his hometo...

Gugu Datte Neko De Aru

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Asako (Rie Miyazawa) lives in Kichijōji, Tokyo. She works as a popular manga artist. Everyday, she is busy meeting deadlines, but suddenly her pet Saba dies. Since the death of her pet, Asako cannot draw or even eat. ...

Hanayome to Papa

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Aiko Uzaki (Satomi ISHIHARA) is a "daddy's girl" who was raised by her father as her mother died when she was one. Her father, Kentaro (Saburo TOKITO) has set up some strict rules and controlled his daughter's life li...


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How far would you go for your job? Tatsuya Ikegami (Akira) works for a real estate company that is working on a large-scale urban development project that is being proposed in the city of Sachio. In order to acquire t...

Himatsuri The Fire Festival

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The villagers in a beautiful remote area of Japan are divided into the woodsmen, who worship the mountain goddess, and the fishermen, who worship the goddess of the sea. These traditions are threatened by a planned ma...

Home The House Imp

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When Koichi Takahasi (Miutani) is transferred from Tokyo to a small village in Iwate Prefecture, they set up hoe in a two-hundred year-old farmhouse. The family is split between those who hate the move and those who a...

Hula Girl to Inu no Choco SP

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Morita Sae (Takimoto Miori) lives in the town of Futaba in Fukushima Prefecture. One day, when she visits Spa Resort Hawaiians with her family and their pet dog, Choco, she sees girls doing the hula dance and gets com...

Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto

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Yuji Hongo (Ryo Nishikido) has a wife and two kids. The family lives near the Tokyo Sky Tree tower. He once dreamed of becoming a musician in his college days, but eventually settled into a job as the manager of a hum...

Jikou Keisatsu

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Kiriyama Shuichiro works as an information management officer in the prefectural police station. As he is very observant and has interest in the unresolved cases which have gone past the legal time frame (statute of l...

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu

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Yuki Amami plays Maya Akutsu, a sixth-grade teacher who dresses all in black and is repeatedly referred to as "oni sensei" (the teacher from hell), when, in fact, she seems to be an ultrarealist at heart. The drama fo...

Kamen Rider Gaim

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kasouken no onna SP

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As criminals become more sophisticated and crimes more complex, the police must turn to speedier and more scientific means of weeding through clues and narrowing down suspects. That's where the forensics labs come int...

Kid’s Police

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Detectives in the special investigation team in Kanagawa go after criminal organization "Red Venius," based out of Yokohama. While pursuing the gang, the detectives turn into children due to exposure to a special gas....

Kodoku no Gurume

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Actor Matsushige Yutaka (48) will star in a live-action drama adaptation of Kusumi Masayuki and Taniguchi Jiro's gourmet manga "Kodoku no Gourmet." This will be Matsushige's first time to star in a television series."...


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This film stars four different idols from four different groups. Natsumi Matsubara (AKB48), Rina Miyazaki (Super GiRlS), Rurika Yokoyama (Idoling!!!), and Ai Shinozaki (AeLL). Tells about Eri, an inconspicuous female ...

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (I’m Taking the Day Off)

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Aoishi Hanae is a plain, inconspicuous office lady who has had no experience in love and no boyfriend. On her 30th birthday, she happens to end up drinking with Tanokura Yuto, a cool university student nine years her ...

Life Force

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"Japan is a chain of islands born of violent tectonic forces and buffeted by the most extreme climate. This is the story of how ancient animals and new arrivals evolved strategies to overcome extremes of land and clim...

Love Exposure

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"Based on the life of one of Sono's friends, LOVE EXPOSURE is all about Yu, the son of a Catholic priest who loses his religion when his mother dies. Obsessed with sin and confession, Dad criticizes the state of his s...

Majo no Joken

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Michi, a 26 year old high school math teacher, tentatively accepts her boyfriend's proposal of marriage, uncertain of her love for him but feeling pressure from her father and society to do what is expected of her. Hi...


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Among the most memorable things about Megane are an empty white beach, a luminous turquoise sea, and a verdant country road. Descending on this paradise, Taeko, a buttoned-up, bespectacled woman dragging a very large ...

Mitsu no Aji~A Taste of Honey

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he story will focus on a love triangle between the three leads. Eikura plays the role of Morimoto Naoko, a girl from the countryside whose first love is her uncle, Ikezawa Masato (ARATA). She follows after him to Toky...

Mr Inukai Keeps A Dog

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Tamotsu Inukai (Fumiyo Kohinata) is a married middle-aged man with a wife, daughter and son. He loves his family and is a family man, but because of his work he is sent to sent to an island. His family stays behind in...

Naniwa Shonen Tanteidan

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Shinobu Takeuchi (Mikako Tabe) becomes a homeroom teacher at Ooki Elemntary School in Osaka, Japan. Shinobu loves mystery novels and can't stand things when it doesn't turn out right. Shinobu with three of her student...

Ninninger Super Video

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33-year-old Akiyama Satomi is a history teacher at the prestigious all-girls high school she once attended. She has earned the nickname "ohitorisama" (meaning "one person"wink.gif for her perfectionism and capability ...

Orient Kyuukou Satsujin Jiken

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Based on the novel "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie (published January 1, 1934 by Collins Crime Club).


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ER doctor Tsuyoshi Matsuoka receives a patient with a virus unlike anything he's seen before. His symptoms include high fever, convulsions, vomiting of blood and multiple organ failure. Could this be a new form of inf...

Please Love the Useless Me (Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai)

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Michio (Kyoko Fukada) is 30-years-old. She keeps looking for a job after her previous employer went bankrupt, but she is unable to find work. Michio still supports her younger boyfriend and her savings is almost gone....

Rabbit Horror

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Kiriko (Hikari Mitsushima) and his brother Daigo (Takeru Shibuya) are watching 3D movie when a stuffed rabbit suddenly jumps out from the screen. Earlier Daigo violently took away the life of a rabbit inside a schooly...

Rich Man, Poor Woman

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Oguri Shun plays Hyuga Toru, an affluent man whose personality is on the contrary, speckled with flaws. A CEO of an IT firm who is published on Forbes as a billionaire, Toru attained his fortune through chance and pur...

Saigo no Inochi

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Keito Myose (Yuya Yagira) and Yuichi Saeki (Masato Yano) were involved in a horrible case when they were young. They are now all grown up, but still suffering from that incident. At night, Keito and Yuichi meet again....

Sansho The Baliff

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When an idealistic governor disobeys the reigning feudal lord, he is cast into exile, his wife and children left to fend for themselves and eventually wrenched apart by vicious slave traders. Under Kenji Mizoguchi’s d...

Second Virgin

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Nakamura Rui is a divorced but highly successful producer in publishing. She meets Suzuki Kou, an ambitious buisiness man 17 years her junior, and finds herself getting aggressively persued by him. Eventually they beg...


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No matter how you look at him, Shibata Taketora is just a quiet, ordinary junior high student. He looks so vulnerable that bullies try to rip him off on the streets, but he is actually a police detective and an expert...

Shitamachi Rocket (TBS)

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Tsukuda Kohei, a man who gives up his career as a researcher to succeed his father's manufacturing factory strives with his workers to overcome the troubles and pursue their passion in manufacturing. Though Kohei q...

Snow on the Blades

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Shimura Kingo fails his duty to protect the life of the Shogun‘s chief minister, and spends his life tracking down the assassins. However, all but one of the assassins die before Kingo can reach them. Still, Kingo pre...

Star Reformer

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The hero, Satoru Nomura (Yuji Oda), is young, with most of a brilliant career still ahead of him, but has little feeling, save condescension, for the people he is supposed to serve. Instead he has been slaving on a h...

Summer Vacation

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Summer vacation has emptied a Japanese boys' school of all but three boys: the junior Norio & the seniors Kazuhiko & Naoto. They have no families to return to for the summer, so they spend their days in the empty scho...

Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta

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Toda and Miura play two teachers, Natsumi Uemura and Shuji Kashiwagi, at the same high school who are set to get married in half a year. However, the night before the school year's opening ceremony, Shuji becomes invo...

Tenchi The Samurai Astronomer

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Based on the life of Santetsu Yasui (December 27, 1639-November 1, 1715), appointed as the first official astronomer in the Edo Period and would go on to create the Jokyo calendar at the imperial request. 

The Castle of Crossed Destinies

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In the inner chambers of the Shugun's castle, 3,000 men attempt to vie for the affection of the female shogun. Based on the 4th-6th volumes in the manga series "Ooku" by Fumi Yoshinaga.

The Heart of Mount Koya

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Buddhist Monks chanting and footage of Mount Koya, Wakayama Prefecture (south of Osaka). With a 1200 year history of Kōbō-Daishi. Mount Kōya (高野山, Kōya-san) is the name of mountains in Wakayama Prefecture to the so...


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Based on the same-titled novel by Raymond Chandler, the drama is set in Tokyo, in the 50's. Harada Tamotsu was suspected of murdering his wife, the actress Harada Shizuka. He then fled to Taiwan and had apparently com...

The Samurai season 2

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Adventures of Shintaro the Samurai travelling 18th century Japan with his trusted companion Tombei, battling the enemies of the Shogun and the dreaded Iga, Koga, and Fuma Ninjas. The series portrayed the adventures of...

The Vancouver Asahi

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The Vancouver Asahi baseball team consists of 2nd generation Japanese immigrants living in Canada. They play within a local amateur baseball league. The team got popular due to their fair play spirit, while struggling...

Tofu Shimai

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As the title suggests, the story focuses on three sisters, all played by Yoshitaka. The eldest is an overly serious woman troubled by an affair, the second is a top hostess with a lively personality, and the youngest ...

Tokyo Tribe 2014

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Set sometime in the future. Five years has passed since the Shibuya riots. There are now several tribes that exits in Tokyo. Boys makeup tribes and they occupy areas under their influence. Kai Deguchi is a member of t...

Tsubuyaki iwa no himitsu

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The show was aired in East Germany in 1976 under the title Das Geheimnis der Felsengrotte, and had only one re-run in 1977.


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kills many people. His name is infamous in Kyoto. When the battle at Goryoukaku is about to be finished, Jubei disappears. 10 years later, Jubei lives with his kid in relative peace. He is barely able to make a living...

Wakamono no Subete

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This series depicts a group of young people searching for their own directions in life. 22 year-old Tetsuo repairs cars and looks after his little sister after the death of their parents. Around him is a circle of clo...

Women Won’t Allow It

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31-year-old Iwasaki Urara became a lawyer and did a disservice to client because of her own mistake in her first court case. This traumatized her and she gave up being a lawyer. Fretting that she isn't cut out to be a...

Yasuko to Kenji

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The show focuses on a man named Kenji and his younger sister Yasuko, whose parents died in an accident 10 years earlier. Kenji was once the leader of a gang, but in order to support him and his sister, he began making...

Yume Uru Futari

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A married couple finds themselves in a dire financial situation after they lose their restaurant in a fire. The couple determined to run a restaurant again turn to crime. The wife scopes out potential targets and her ...

Zettai Reido Season 1

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Sakuragi Izumi (Ueto Aya) is a new police sergeant with the Special Investigations Office, which was set up within the Metropolitan Police in November last year. The new investigation team uses DNA analysis and the la...

Night Time Picnic

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Eigyou Buchou Kira Natsuko

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Yowamushi Pedal Live-Action

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince

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Dark Water

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8000 Miles

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"SR: Saitama's Rapper" follows a group of aspiring rap artists in the suburbs of Tokyo's neighbouring prefecture, Saitama.

A Woman in Revolt

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Inheritance problems drive a succession of violence. Meanwhile the contrast between the indecisive man and the independent women exhibit new possibilities for female representation in pink films. Masao Adachi's low-bu...

Akai Ito (movie)

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Akai Ito is an movie coming out in December of 2008. It's based on a popular mobile phone novel written by Mei and its plot will continue a story started and ended on a Fuji TV drama which is scheduled to air at aroun...

Ange Dust

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A rash of murders taking place on subways at exactly 6 P.M. strikes up fear in the population of Tokyo. The mark of a serial killer is left on these seemingly random murders and a professional, Dr. Setsuko Suma, is ca...

Ashita ga Aru Kara

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Reiko, an office girl, wants to marry her boyfriend, who works in the same office. However, the situation becomes quite complicated when the young woman is promoted to manage a major project. Reiko is left feeling los...

Bad Film

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The film started production in 1995 and it was just completed in 2012, hence the 2012 date. In 1997 (the not-to-distant future, in their eyes), Tokyo has been torn apart by gang violence, and two organizations in ...


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Mika, who was abandoned by her mother at birth and grew up in an orphanage, is now an adult and finds her biological mother, Naoko. Naoko lives with her kind husband and their only child, Ayano. For a few days, Mika w...

Bon Lin

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Natsuko Yotsuya is a teenager and she is also known as Bon. She lives in a town and has a friend, Miyu-chan, who lives with her boyfriend in Tokyo. Miyu-chan though is abused by her boyfriend. To bring back her friend...

Case of a Young Lord I

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As a result of illness and unemployment, Yamaoka Tatewaki, a "Hatamoto" (or direct vassal of the Shogun), pawned his family heirloom, a valuable Gosu plate for 100 ryo. When, of all occasions, Yokogawa Dewa came to vi...

Cold Rice, Osan and Chan

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Superstar Nakamura Kinnosuke takes on three separate roles in three short stories by noted author Yamamoto Shugoro who wrote the novels that were adapted into Sanjuro, After The Rain, and the two Dojo Challenger movie...

Days With You

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Natsuki takes care of her young autistic brother. She then meets her old childhood friend and falls in love, unfortunately he suffers from a serious illness.

Dias Police: Ihou Keisatsu

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About 150,000 illegal entrants live in Tokyo. They are not recognised as refugees and live in poor conditions. To protect themselves, the illegals create a secret organisation. The organisation has a bank which Japane...


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DMAT, the acronym for the "Disaster Medical Assistance Team", was first established in 2004. For the past 10 years, the team has been providing on-site emergency assistance at disaster-hit areas. Yakumo Hibiki was an ...

Environmental Superhero Ecogainder

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Kankyou Chojin Ecogainder is a 14 episode low-budget Tokusatsu (live action drama) TV series released by Kids Station that teaches children how to protect the environment. Each episode is roughly 10 minutes in length....


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Keiichiro Kishi (Tomoya Nagase) is a pathologist. He is excellent with his work, but he is somehow a self-centered freak. He makes an accurate diagnosis without seeing patients.

Furuhata Ninzaburo Season 2

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This series is different from the past detective stories. The Lieutenant is collection of true mystery stories in which the detective, Ninzaburo Furuhata, must solve ingenious crimes and outwit elusive criminals. Alth...

Garo And The Wailing Dragon

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In order to protect humankind, Kouga Saezima makes a contract with powerful Kazari. Kouga Saezima travels to the land of promise to bring back the Nageki no Kiba (Fang of Sorrow). When he gets there, Kouga Saezim lose...

GM Odore Doctor

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A brilliant general medicine doctor dreams only of becoming a famous dancer. He returns to Japan to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry only to find out the agency he signed up with was a sham. He st...

Gothic and Lolita Psycho

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Gothic And Lolita Psycho is a fun, comic book style action revenge film(sort of a low-rent Kill Bill without Tarantino's genius, of course; but if you feel like killing an hour and a half with a cute actress(Rina Akiy...

Hagane no Onna 2

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36-year-old Haga Ineko (nickname: Hagane) successfully passed the teachers’ exam with the support of the children of Class 4/3. She would like to say that she is still single, but Shioda Wataru, her boyfriend and form...

Happy Boys

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Happy Boys (ハッピィ★ボーイズ Happii Bōizu?) is a Japanese television comedy, following five young men who work at Lady Braganza, a shitsuji kissa (butler café). It was adapted into a manga by Makoto Tateno.

Here is Greenwood

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It seems like 15-year-old Kazuya Hasukawa's life can't get much worse. Not only did his older brother marry Kazuya's first love, he brought his bride home to live with the family! Forced out of his own home, Kazuya en...

Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009

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This show marks the return of the jidaigeki series "Hissatsu Shigotonin," which has had several seasons between the 1970s and the 1990s. The franchise came back in 2007 with a one-shot special, but this is its first f...

Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi Dai Nijuusan Ya

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The 23th installment in the popular "Real Scary Tales" series. Selected from among the many submitted anecdotes regarding gruesome experiences of absolute fear, this edition makes for a solid chapter in the everlastin...

I Wish

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Two brothers are separated after their parent's divorce. Older brother Koichi (Koki Maeda) lives with his mother (Nene Otsuka) and grandparents in Kagoshima. Younger brother Ryonosuke (Oshiro Maeda) lives with his fat...

Isharyou Bengoshi

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Hakamada Yukio is a competent, mysterious lawyer who only handles settlement cases because of past experiences. Although his scathing words get on clients’ nerves, his primary consideration is their welfare. His philo...

JK wa Yuki Onna

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A love story between Snow Women sisters and a male high school student. Saki Fuyuki (Tina Tamashiro) is a female high school student, but she comes from a family that has the blood of Snow Woman. To revive her fami...


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Detective Kosai Takeo can't forget the killing of an 8 year old girl 15 years ago. The suspect Dojima Akira was the son of a member of the Diet and political pressure hindered further investigations. Shortly before Ko...

Kamiya Genjiro Torimono Hikae

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Kamiya Genjiro is an extraordinary policeman. His intelligence and analytical mind see him solving all the crimes in the town of Kitamachi, during the Edo period. His good-for-nothing boss assigns all cases to him, as...

Keibuho Yabe Kenzo

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The credit hogging police officer Yabe Kenzo in Trick now takes center stage. He saves the Japanese public from various evil doers not with his wit or his bravery, but with sheer stupid luck.

Kindaichi Shonen No Jikenbo N (neo)

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High school student Kindaichi Hajime solves a variety of difficult cases that he gets entangled in with the deductive powers inherited from his grandfather, the famous detective Kindaichi Kosuke. ~ jdramas wordpress

Koi no Mon

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Live-action adaptation of a madcap manga about art, opposites, love and a whole lot of cosplay. A crazy mashup of fantasy, musical, drama and obsession. Worth the watch.

Kuro No Onna Kyoushi

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It is April at Kokubunkan Public High School which is known for being good at both studies and sports. Aoyagi Haruka, the rookie form teacher of Class 3D, swells with hope. However, the assistant form teacher is Takak...

Last Cinderella

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Women today can sometimes forget about their gender, as they devote themselves deeper and deeper into their career. Among such women, some suffer overwork, unbalance of hormones, hair loss and the likes. In fact, few ...

Little Forest Summer Autumn

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Ichiko (Ai Hashimoto) lived in a big city, but goes back to her small hometown Komori, located on a mountain in the Tohoku region. She is self-sufficient. Ichiko gains energy living among nature and eating foods she m...

Love You 10000

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A Japanese girl (Kato Youki) is on a three month visit in Taiwan after breaking up with her boyfriend to study Chinese at a language center. One day she has a brief affair with Wu and later he requests her to sign a c...


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Ryo Naruse (Satoshi Ohno) is known as the “Angelic lawyer”, a very smart lawyer who always manages to alter any case to its advantage. However, he also has another face that nobody knows about. He is in fact, a “Satan...

Meshibana Keiji Tachibana

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Detective Tachibana is known as Meshibana inside the POLICE department due to his dedicated love for food, he solves every case by engaging in conversations about food with the accused and other people. Muranaka (play...


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Hiratsuka Heihachi (Katori Shingo), a detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division, is an oddball with his rude, petty, makeshift attitude and fuss over little things although h...

My Dangerous Wife (Boku no Yabai Tsuma)

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Kohei Mochizuki (Hideaki Ito) is married to Maria (Yoshino Kimura), but he has an affair with Anna Kitazato (Saki Aibu). The lovers plan to kill Maria. When Kohei Mochizuki comes home, he finds that his wife has disap...

Neco-Ban 3D Tobidasu Nyanko

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drama animal

Nobuta wo Produce

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Kiritani Shuji is the popular guy who gets along with everyone, from the jerks to the nerds to the just plain weird. The one person Shuji cannot stand is Kusano Akira. To Shuji, Akira is just plain annoying. He laughs...

One Missed Call

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One night at a party, Yumi's friend gets a weird voice message on her cell phone. The message is dated two days in the future and she can hear her own scream in it. Two days later Yumi's friend dies and Yumi starts to...


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The story centers around the popular high school boy Masamune Asuka, the top kendo fighter in the nation. However, beneath his cool exterior, he is actually fond of sweets and shojo manga, and is skilled in sewing and...

Pecoross Mother and Her Days

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Manga artist Yuichi Okano begins writing nurse notes while taking care of his mother, who is afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.


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Halu (Kimura Takuya) is the captain and star player of an ice hockey team, who is greatly respected by his teammates. For him, hockey is serious business that fully occupies his mind, while he treats romance as if it ...

Ranbou to Taiki

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In a row of wooden municipal houses in the countryside, Hidenori Yamane (Tadanobu Asano) & Nanase Ogawa (Minami) lives together under the same roof. The roommates co-exist in a tense & awkward state. Every night Hide...

Rogue Ninja

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Set in 16th Century Japan, the film takes place against a background of civil war, with the Iga ninja being ruled over by warlord Nobunaga Oda with an iron fist,keeping them in check with harsh laws and handing out ex...


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With her husband rarely home because of work, Saitou Masako raises her kindergarten son by herself. With a strong sense of what's right, she is never afraid to confront people who violate the rules of society. While h...

Sayonara Bokutachi no Youchien

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This is the re-air Version from April 10th 2011 Kanna (Mana Ashida) attends kindergarten in central Tokyo. Her friend was been absent in school for several days. Worried about her friend, Kanna gathers fellow classma...

Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu

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"I thought I might be using a lifetime's happiness in a moment. I was that happy and she was that beautiful." A young boy stands on the red earth of Australia under its blue sky. It is 17-year-old Sakutaro Matsumoto. ...

Shin Naniwa Kinyuudou

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15 years have passed since Haibara Tatsuyuki (Nakai Masahiro) started working for the finance company, Teikoku Financing. The company president, Kaneko Takatoshi, passed away five years earlier and now Takayama Kazuo ...

Shomuni 2013

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Shomuni 2013 sees a total change in the members of Shomuni, with the exception of Esumi Makiko who will reprise her role of the feisty Tsuboi Chinatsu. It has been 10 years since Shomuni had been dissolved in Manpan C...

Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

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Inaba Rika (Aragaki Yui) is a director at Teito TV Network. Ever since her childhood it was been her dream to be a reporter. Yet she frequently causes troubles due to her aggressive interviewing style and eventually g...

Strip Mahjong Battle Royale

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A handful of mysterious Japanese women take part in a deranged web show that makes them strip off their clothes when they lose a round of Mahjong. When there is nothing left to hide, secrets are revealed and they must...

Suteki na Kakushidori

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Saijo Mie is the new concierge at a hotel. She receives unreasonable requests from different guests everyday. Sugawara, her superior tells her that there are three words that a concierge should never say, “No” “It’s n...


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One day, the current prime minister of Japan, Muto Taizan, and his useless son, Sho, suddenly discover that they have switched bodies. With no known cause or solution at hand, Sho reluctantly ends up appearing in the ...

Tenshi wa Mop wo Motte

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Kitano plays a professional cleaner who solves cases and "cleans" hearts at the office building she works in.

The Drudgery Train

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Kitamichi (Mirai Moriyama) is a 19-year-old labor worker who only went far as middle school. He's now hooked on alcohol while playing around. Kitamichi develops feelings for Yasuko (Atsuko Maeda), who works in a used ...

The King Of Jail Breakers

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Masayuki Suzuki (Itsuji Itao) is known as "Datsugoku Oh" (King of Escape) because of his incredible ability to escape from any prison. Even though his ability to escape from prison was unmatched he would normally get ...

The Most Difficult Love in the World

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Reiji (Satoshi Ono) is young CEO of a first-class hotel. He is single and 34-years-old. Even though he has a good appearance and wealth, women eventually leave him because of his personality. He is generous with himse...

The Shock Labyrinth

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SHOCK LABYRINTH follows a group of teenagers dealing with the disappearance of one of them, Yuki, at an amusement park’s ghost house. On a rainy day 10 years later, Yuki inexplicably returns. However, no sooner is she...

The Woodsman And The Rain

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Rookie movie director Koichi (Shun Oguri) and his crew travels to the mountain village of Yamamura to film his next movie. The villagers are eventually enlisted to help film the movie and, in particular, 60-year-old l...

Tokusou Robo Janperson

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Toothbrush – Female Friends

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37-year-old Makabe Suzune is single, popular scriptwriter who lives in Tokyo. Although she is having a clandestine adulterous relationship with drama producer Yanai Mamoru, they continue to go out with respect for eac...

Twilight of the Yakuza

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The Yakuza, Japan's organised crime syndicates, are a dying breed. Their members are aging and the government of Japan has launched a large-scale crackdown on them to eradicate them once and for all. But who are the Y...


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In a small town in Japan, Kirie comes upon her boyfriend's father silently videotaping a snail. He seems unaware of her presence and she thinks no more of it. Later, the mans obsession with spirals becomes more and mo...

Watashitachi no Kyokasho

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Tamako, an elite lawyer with a promising future, works for a reputable law firm. She is recently given an opportunity to take a case involving a young child who has been bullied at a local elementary school. Fully awa...

Yakuza of Seki AKA Seki no Yatappe

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A young yakuza, Yatappe, wanders around the country in search of his long-lost little sister, Oito. While traveling, he rescues a young girl, Osayo, whose father entrusts her to him with his dying wish. To honor hi...

Yomei – Time Lost, Time Found

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A woman is forced to choose between her unborn child or medical treatment for re-occuring breast cancer. Shizuku, a talented surgeon, gets pregnant. In the past ten years of her marriage, she hasn't expected a baby be...


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Blind masseur Zatôichi travels from town to town gambling, drinking, and fighting off the local gangs.

The Magic Hour

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Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean

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Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York SP

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Everest: The Summit of the Gods

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Ultraman Orb

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Soul Red 2009

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The Letters 2006

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The Invitation from Cinema Orion

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0.5mm 2014

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A Piece of Our Life director Ando Momoko works with her sister Ando Sakura (Penance) for the first time in 0.5mm. Based on Momoko's own novel of the same name, 0.5mm is a 196-minute comedy saga about how one caregiver...

A drowning man (Oboreru hito)

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Tokio (Shinya Tsukamoto) is a young salaryman who is uncomfortably confronted with his own ineptness when he finds his wife Kumiko drowned in the bathtub one night. He picks up the phone to call an ambulance, but puts...

Ai Ore! Love Me!

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Mizuki looks like a boy and is considered a prince at her all female high school. She also leads the girl rock band Blaue Rozen. They regularly perform at a venue that allows only women. Akira is treated like a prince...

Akuryo Byoto

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The Kumagawa Hospital which is located in the outskirts of town. Ogami Runa joined as a nursing staff 2 weeks ago. One night, with the lights all turned low, her fellow colleague, Suzuki Ayako is terrified out of her ...

Another Heaven

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A pair of hard-boiled Tokyo cops are investigating a gruesome murder: after killing the victim, the murderer cut his skull open and cooked his brain in a stew. As they try to track down the killer, they discover that,...

Asunaro Hakusho

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Five youngsters enter the same university and become very good friends. As they're very close, they're afraid of 'hurting' one another, and this results in even more tragedies. Both Tamotsu and Osamu, who fall for Nar...

Batsu Kare

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This is a renzoku for the middle-aged single men and women out there in the world. Kyosuke is divorced and somewhat of a hopeless case. Although considered a loser, he's still a good person. Shoko is in her 30s. Separ...

Blood The Last Vampire

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On the surface, Saya is a stunning 17-year-old, but that youthful exterior hides the tormenting soul of a 400-year-old "halfling." Born to a human father and a vampire mother, she has for centuries been a loner obses...

Brother Beat

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They don’t know when to stop, and live life to the full—meet the never-a-dull-moment Sakurai family, where nobody holds their feelings back. Returning to serial drama for the first time in five years, Misako Tanaka an...


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It's a story about a veteran tax bureau inspector, Haruma Sosuke (Eguchi Yosuke) and a skilled tax evasion consultant, Murakumo Shuji (ARATA). Haruma always thought that the tax evader's world and his modest life had...

Crows Explode

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A month later. Genji Takiya has graduated. New fights begin to see who will climb to the top at Suzuran High School. Meanwhile, a battle against nearby Kurosaki Industrial High School begins.

Death Note 3: L Change the World

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A spin-off of the popular Death Note films, L: Change The World focuses on the legendary detective L as he uses his final 23 days to solve crimes all over the world. When a young girl and boy come to him for aid, L is...

Doctor-X 3

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Freelancer surgeon Michiko (Ryoko Yonekura) visits an island. Due to an accident by a luxury liner, some of its passengers are injured. Among the injured passengers, Michiko finds Ryonosuke (Shiro Ito). Ryonosuke is a...

Edo Purebreed AKA Edokko-hada

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Action and adventure abound in this story of friendship between two rival firefighters, Kichigoro and Jirokichi in old Japan. When Mukai Sadayu, the vassal of Kaga Clan’s accounting officer, Shinagawa Daihachi dem...

Feel the Wind

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Haiji was an elite runner, but has not competed due to a past injury. He then meets fellow elite runner Kakeru who also left running, but caused by a dispute. Their meeting inspires both young men to run again, with H...

Free and Easy 8

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The story focuses on salaryman Densuke Hamasaki (a.k.a. Hama-chan), whom his supervisor Sasaki has dubbed the "Fishing Baka" because of his passion for fishing. One day Hama-chan meets and befriends an older fisherman...

Gaikoukan Kuroda Kousaku

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This sequel to the movie Amalfi brings back Kuroda Kousaku, a diplomat who works at the Japanese anti-terrorism office. His new partner is Ogaki Rikako, a somewhat unreliable detective who loves onsen. The setting inc...

Genome Hazard 2013

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Ishigami (Hidetoshi Nishijima) walks into his apartment and finds his wife dead. There's lit candles laid out in the room. Two men then enter the apartment for Ishigami, but he is able to flee the scene. Ishigami the...

Going My Home

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Ryota Tsuboi (Hiroshi Abe) is a producer for a CM production company. His wife Sae (Tomoko Yamaguchi) is a food stylist. She is also enthusiastic about her daughter Moe's education and her work. Their only child Moe i...

Great Teacher Onizuka S1

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AKIRA, Takimoto Miori, Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna, Takada Sho, Morimoto Shitaro, Nishiuchi Mariya, Honda Tsubasa, Miyazaki Karen, Shirahama Aran, Nakagawa Taishi, Yamada Yuki, Suzuki Nobuyuki, Sano Gaku, Takara...

Hana and Alice

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Upon entering high school, two best friends named Hana and Alice notice a boy a year older them while waiting for the train, and they both develop a pretty strong crush on him. One day while secretly following him hom...

Hatachi to Ippiki SP

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“A hole suddenly opened in the darkness. A huge tongue appeared and my face was licked. That was the first memory of my life … …” 19-year-old Fujiwara Rihito (Suda Masaki) works for a restaurant chain, but finds emplo...

Higashino Keigo Mysteries

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11 mysteries, 11 actors. Japan's favorite mystery author, the world of Higashino Keigo comes to life on screen through an assortment of short stories. For every episode, there will be a different lead actor and story...

Hitori Kakurenbo Shin Gekijouban

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At school Shiori hears a rumour about someone who had a spiritual experience while playing "Creepy Hide and Seek". That day when visiting her brother, she finds no one there but a webbrowser suspiciously opened on a ...

Hottokenai Majotachi

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A light mystery series about 4 sisters (and one chef) who solve happenings around them. (or an excuse to watch KenKen be cute around older women, at least for me ;)

Iki mo Dekinai Natsu

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Tanizaki Rei, 18, has just been told that she is going to be hired as a full-time employee after many years of just being a part-timer. Now all she had to do is fill out some forms and submit a copy of her citizen's I...

Itsuka Tiffany De Choshoku Wo

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Supplements, sweets, and canned coffee. Such is the breakfast of Sato Mariko, who has been living with her boyfriend for seven years. They started living together thinking that they could enjoy breakfast every morning...

Ju-on The Curse

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A teacher visits the house of one of his students after the boy goes missing, only to have a horrifying excuse for his absence from school.

Kamen Rider Agito

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A man named Soichi Tsugami has lost his memories. He doesn't know who he is, where he came from, or how he came upon his peculiar circumstances. Tsugami, seemingly for no reason, transforms into a powerful superhuman,...

Kanojo ga Koishita Shokunin-san ~ Mary wa Takumi ni Kubittake SP

222 Views0 Comments

Mary Cordery (Taylor) is a Canadian who has come to Japan for a report that she is doing at university on Japanese artisans’ skills. She has an intimate knowledge of Japanese culture, and is especially infatuated with...


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Graduating at the top of her class, elite detective candidate Jun Shibata is transferred to the section that handles cases deemed "unsolvable" by the department. Her partner, though a well-respected and experienced de...

Kisaragi Sword AKA Kisaragi musô ken

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Very traditional Samurai drama with political intrigue, super swordsmen that defeat legions of lesser fighters and of course beautiful women. Based on the novel "KISARAGI KENSHI" by Gomi Yasusuke. The story concern...

Konna Koi no Hanashi

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Harashima Shuichiro (Sanada Hiroyuki) is a wealthy but lonely businessman who succeeded his father's company after his death. Reputed to be cold, merciless, and corrupted in his dealings, he seeks only to expand his c...

Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai

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kahane Yu (Komatsu Nana) transfers to Harumi High School, which has a dormitory, due to her father’s job relocation. Dreaming of a brilliant high school life, she attempts her “debut” by making seven resolutions such ...

Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club

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The mini budget psycho drama, somewhat based on true story, follows a bunch of adorable high school girls whose casual pastime includes throwing small animals in the air – and not catching them on the way down. The le...

Lord Mito: Komon Voyage to Ezo

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As the shogun's uncle, Lord Mito traveled about the nation seeking to make sure that corruption and injustice did not go unpunished. Traveling together with his two faithful bodyguards Kaku and Suke, they board ship f...


104 Views0 Comments

Kosaka is a genius violinist and concertmaster who rejoins an orchestra which was originally disbanded in the wake of the recession. However, the new prospective members sound terrible together when they gather in a p...


766 Views0 Comments

Taisho era: The son and heir to a liquor store with a passion for making whiskey travels alone to Scotland to learn more. The drama shows a unique way of viewing Japanese virtues, and cross-cultural hospitality, while...


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One day, Taichi, an ordinary university student meets Mioka, a girl who is like a storm. Taichi finds himself drawn to Mioka, who lives freely as she wishes without holding back, and they eventually fall in love. Howe...

Mou Ikkai

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(Short Film / 14 min) A man returns home after a prolonged absence and makes a shocking discovery, compelling him to reexamine his past and reconcile with the present. DIRECTOR: Atsuko Hirayanagi / FESTIVALS: Clermont...


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Takenouchi plays an aquarium employee named Kengo, who seems ordinary at first glance but actually possesses a secret that he would sacrifice everything in order to protect. Meanwhile, Ueto plays Risa, a young woman w...

Nezumi Edo wo Hashiru

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Under the rule of Shogun Ienari, the samurais and the townspeople are all discontented and grumbling about their lot in life. Amidst all these, there lives a man by the name of Jirokichi, popularly known as Nezumi Koz...

Oba The Last Samurai

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In 1944, the American military lands on the shores of Saipan. Refusing to commit suicide with his superiors or be forced into camps for prisoners of war, Captain Oba Sakae (Takenouchi Yutaka) leads a group of his men ...

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